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FAQs about iChronos organizer

There are answers to the general questions relating to iChronos organizer.
For answers to the questions about one or other program features or user options, please, visit iChronos organizer Help page.

Technical issues

1. What to do if I have a problem with iChronos or I find an error?

If you are having a problem with iChronos (for example, while launching the program), or you've found any kind of error, or it seems to you that you've found it, please write to us to info@ichronos.info. In your message, please, describe the situation where the problem has occured:

1. What is a version number you are using?
2. Is this standart or portable version?
3. What was the sequence of your actions before the problem occured?
4. What is the error message text?
5. Please attach a log file (if you use program version 3.3 and higher).

The log file is placed here:
Windows 7 or Vista — C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\iChronos\Settings\iChronos.log;
Windows XP — C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\iChronos\Settings\iChronos.log;
if you are using a portable version — iChronos organizer\Settings\iChronos.log.

You can also find the location of the log file if you go to the menu item "About".

All this information will help us deal with the problem situation and fix the error as soon as possible.

2. Why doesn't iChronos run on Windows (on more earlier version than XP)?

In case you have an older version than XP, you need to check if your graphics card supports 3D accelerator and you have Microsoft DirestX version 9.0 and above.

3. What to do if I run the program, and the project isn't opened?

If running the program you do not find your project, try to open it from program main menu by selecting: "Project" → "Open". If it doesn't work, it is likely that your project has been damaged. In order to open it and to continue using, you need to restore the project file from a backup.

4. How to restore the project from a backup?

Locate the directory where you installed the program. Then find the folder "Documents" in it. In this folder, the file is stored with the name of your project with the extension. bak (it's a backup, eg, iChronos organizer\Documents\Project.crn.bak). You need to rename this file by changing the extension .bak on .crn. Just in case, before renaming, make backups of both files — .bak and .crn. Then open the renamed project from program menu. If you have completed all these steps, and can't still open the project, please let us know.

5. What to do if after using portable version on Windows 7 (Vista) the program settings are lost and the project isn't saved?

This problem should not occur if you have the full access to the folder with the portable version and always run the program using administrator rights. Please make sure that you have full access.

6. What to do if after using portable version on my USB flash drive (or other external hard drive) my project isn't saved?

Such error was fixed in version 3.2.1. Please make sure that you use, at least, version 3.2.1.
If the project wasn't saved in version 3.2.1, probably you forgot to close the program before physically removing a device, or didn't use the "Safely Remove Hardware". Try to restore your project from a backup. But the last changes can be lost.
In anyway you should try to restore a backup; it doesn't matter what version you use.

Program updates.Registration.License Keys

1. How to install a new version of iChronos?

If a new version of iChronos organizer is released, you should just install the new version over an existing, in the same setup directory, and you can continue to work with your projects.
In case your iChronos version is 3.1 or more earlier, make sure, before installing the new version, that your projects aren't called "Project name" (or "Demo"). If they are, please renamed them: "Project" →"Save as" with new file-names.
Otherwise, when you install the update, the content of your project(s) will be replaced by the content of the new version's sample project (in case your version is 3.1 or earlier).

2. What advanced features will I get after registering the program?

There aren't advanced features after registering the program. At least for now. But registering the program allows you to save any changes in iChronos after the 30-day free period of use.

3. What to do to restore iChronos registration key if it's lost?

To restore a registration key for iChronos organizer, send us a message with your registration name in iChronos (menu item "Help" →"About" →"Registered to") and the version number you are using to info@ichronos.info.
And we will send you back the registration key.

4. When using a portable version from USB flash drive the program remains unregistered, but the key is purchased and entered.

Probably when you entered the key into the program, you typed it into the program running from your computer, not your flash drive. And then you copied or moved the program on flash drive. In this situation, you need to run iChronos from flash drive and put it in the registration name and key. After that the program will work with your flash drive on other computers.

Additional functions

1. How to add my icons to iChronos organizer software?

iChronos has no such user option in program menu as replacing or adding of icons. But it is possible if you want to. To add your icons to iChronos, you need to prepare images in PNG format with size 128 * 128 pixels and add them to the installation directory:
For instance, if you've installed iChronos by following onscreen prompts, these folders are located here: C:\Program Files\iChronos\Data\Icons\LargeFolders\.
And it's better to use off-standard name for your file, for instance: FolderMy49.png, FolderMy50.png, etc. It will help avoid conflict situation when there appers new icons in new program versions.

Also you can add small icons, as icons for the Item list on the left, to iChronos\Data\Icons\SmallFolders\. Please use the same rule about names of your added files.

2. How to change a tone for sound reminders?

After creating reminder, right click on it and select "Reminder sound" option, then — 'Browse'. You can simply choose another ringtone from the list, as well as from wherever you want in .mp3 or .wav format.

3. How to copy or to move a project from iChronos organizer?

iChronos has no such user option in program menu as copying or moving of a project. But it is possible if you want to. To copy or move the project created in iChronos into another place, find the directory where you saved your project and copy the Project_name.crn and Project_name.files (if exists) folders.


1. I've made a payment, but haven't got a key.

If you've made a payment more than 30 minutes ago, but haven't received the key yet, then most likely it's because of one of two reasons.
1. You've probably made a mistake when typing the name of your e-mail box.
2. There is some sort of technical error in the payment service.

In any case, you should write to us to reg@ichronos.info and specify the date and time of payment and your name.

2. Can I get a key for posting the review of iChronos organizer on my website/blog instead of paying for it?

We will be happy to give you a key for your review (with a direct link to our web site: http://www.ichronos.info or http://www.ichronos.info/download.shtml) placed on your website/blog. Please contact us and send a link to the iChronos review.

If you can't find an answer to your question about using iChronos or you've observed that an important issue is missed, please write us about that to: info@ichronos.info

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